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Ph.D. Students


  • S.K. Alexander
    Two- and three-dimensional coding schemes for wavelet and fractal-wavelet image compression
    (M.Math. Thesis, 2002, Applied Math, UW)

  • M. Ghazel
    Adaptive fractal image compression in the spatial and wavelet domains
    (M.A.Sc. Thesis, 1998, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UW; cosupervised with A. Khandani)

  • T. Holly
    Some Fractal, Wavelet and Fractal-Wavelet Methods of Function Approximation
    (M.Math. Thesis, 1998, Applied Math, UW)

  • J. Silver
    Chaos Games for Wavelet Analysis and Synthesis
    (M.Math. Thesis, 1998, Applied Math, UW)

  • D. Piché
    IFSM, Wavelets and Fractal-Wavelets: Three Methods of Approximation
    (M.Math. Thesis, 1997, Pure Math, UW; cosupervised with W. Gilbert)

  • D. Harder
    On Iterated Function Systems With Grey-Level Maps
    (M.Math. Thesis, 1997, Applied Math, UW)

  • M. Ghazel
    Fractal, Function and Image Approximation Using Iterated Transformation Systems
    (M.Math. Thesis, 1994, Applied Math, UW)

  • A. Van de Walle
    Relating Fractal Image Compression to Transform Methods
    (M.Math. Thesis, 1995, Applied Math, UW)

  • Q. Fan
    Fractal Construction Using Iterated Function Systems and Iterated Fuzzy Set Systems
    (M.Math. Thesis, 1991, Applied Math, UW; cosupervised with B. Forte)

Undergraduate research assistants

  • J. Hicken
    Solution of inverse problems for ODEs using collage coding (NSERC USRA, 2000)