PMATH 370- Chaos and Fractals, Winter 2020

PMATH 370: Chaos and Fractals (Winter 2020)

Instructor: E.R. Vrscay

Department of Applied Mathematics

University of Waterloo

Primary reference

Chaos and Fractals, by Denny Gulick, Second Edition, CRC Press (2015). Available from the UW Bookstore. The first edition of this book was used in previous offerings of this course and should be sufficient for this offering.

Lecture Notes

"Generalized fractal transforms, contractive mappings and associated inverse problems" Talk given by ERV in the Fractal Geometry Seminar, Wednesday, January 27, 2016, Faculty of Mathematics, UW. This talk is a rather concentrated summary of some of the research done by our "Waterloo Fractal Analysis and Coding Project" group. Some of the slides from this talk -- in particular those concerned with the "inverse problem" of approximation by IFS and IFS-type methods -- were presented in the final lecture of the course.